During Corona has far-reaching effects not only on the tourism industry, culture and the economy in general. Understandably, the number of business trips has also decreased significantly. What is particularly striking, however, is that the gender ratio among travelers has changed.

According to evaluations by the payment specialist AirPlus International, the proportion of female business travelers in Germany has fallen from 19 to 12 percent. 300,000 flight bookings by companies in Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain in January and October 2020 were examined. orona, business trips become more a men’s world.

Let’s look at the numbers

Share of female business travelers

In January 2020, the proportion of female travelers was 18.6 percent. This proportion sounds small, but it has been increasing continuously since previous years. In October 2020, however, the figures showed a completely different picture: there was only one woman for every seven to eight male business travelers. According to the AirPlus evaluation, there were only 12.1 percent women that month.

Where did all the women go?

What is the situation like with the European neighbors?

Share of female business travelers

It is even more pronounced than in Germany, with a 7 percent difference, with our neighbors: in Great Britain, with almost 11 percent difference. The proportion of female business travelers fell from 24.5 percent to 13.6 percent. The share in France slipped by almost 7 percent: from 24.6 percent to 17.4 percent. Italy also reflects a similar picture: from 17.5 percent to 10.7 percent.

The experts are not surprised by the difference in Italy, as there is a traditional understanding of roles. However, the trend in France and Great Britain is surprising. “According to our observations, both differences in the application of short-time working regulations and different approaches to closing schools and offices play a role,” explains the AirPlus marketing director.

Will business travel be a men’s business in the future?

The numbers show behavior patterns, but a detailed explanation is only speculation. It is important that after overcoming the international pandemic normality returns and the current trend reverses. Business travel is a means of communication between companies, but especially between people. This personal communication must not be reserved for just one gender.