Are you shy, like to avoid a conflict and buy rotten strawberries at the weekly market?

Then the ZEIT Online interview with Geraldine Schroeder is exactly the right reading material for you!

Geraldine Schroeder is a successful business woman. In 2020 she took over the management of the communications agency Grayling Germany. She used to be very shy and didn’t want to mess with anyone. In the article she reveals how she managed to become a successful business woman by constantly working on herself.

„Finally start making fuss!“

Geraldine Schroeder , CEO Grayling Germany

Her tips

Personality cannot be changed, but self-confidence can.

Geraldine Schroeder knows that you can’t change your personality, but you can change your self-confidence. Therefore, she advises to practice in small everyday situations and at your own pace. Be it asking for a different table in the restaurant or negotiating the price at the flea market. Every little sense of achievement makes you grow.

„I am always happy when someone tells me about a supposedly stressful woman. I think then she is on the right path:

She is not satisfied because she knows she can do more.“

Geraldine Schroeder , CEO Grayling Germany

More Information

The interview was hold in German. If you are interested, you can find the article here.


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